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Directions & Hours Dacono, CO 80514
Directions & Hours

  • Sales: (888) 471-7054
  • Service: (888) 472-1315
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Rickenbaugh INFINITI Reviews Dacono Colorado

Rickenbaugh INFINITI Reviews Dacono Colorado

Rickenbaugh INFINITI

Rickenbaugh INFINITI Google+ Reviews:

- Jennifer Wilson: The guys at Rickenbaugh were super helpful and professional. I visited at least 8 dealerships while looking for a new SUV, and most paled in comparison. Ask for Dan - he made the process easy. Oh - and I love my new QX80, too!

- kailee miyamoto:The INFINITI dealership off of I-25 is wonderful. They provide great service and are wonderful to the customers. I will definitely be taking my car back to them!

- Lynda Strommer: We recently purchased a used car from Rickenbaugh Infinity and were quite pleased with the entire experience. The used car we purchased was reconditioned to the point that it almost felt like we were taking home a brand new car. Our sales person, Dan Mull, was really responsive and easy to work with. He was very relatable, low pressure and made me feel at ease from the very beginning of the process. The entire team was very friendly and did a great job. We bought a car from Autonation last year and it was such a nightmare, it left us with such a bad taste in our mouths and after that, we were very skeptical and gun shy of the entire used car buying process. Dan and the team at Rickenbaugh Infinity really helped change our outlook on buying a used car. We couldn't be happier with our purchase and wouldn't hesitate to go back to Rickenbaugh the next time we need to purchase a vehicle.

- KELLY BASINGER:  What a wonderful group of gentleman running the service desk. Aaron just loves what he does and always has a smile on his face. He gave me a great discount when I was there two days ago. Always willing to go the extra mile to make sure my visit is welcomed. A+!

- Leah Mitchell: Dan and Terry are great people to work with and went above and beyond for me and my family. We took a lot of time to find the right car for us and we felt no pressure and did not get haggled when we didn't make a purchase on the first day. Totally respected our need to find the right car and right budget. We are happy customers and love our Q50S every time we get in it! (And the cookies were great too!)

- Keri Ashenhurst: Great people to work with! We took a while deciding on exactly what we wanted. We test drove several different cars over a period of 4-5 months and really did not feel any pressure. I like their honesty and helpfulness and appreciated the fact that I didn't feel bullied into buying, as so often can happen. Very professional and willing to help you find the right fit. So far, service is good! I would definitely recommend this dealership and would buy from them again. Eric and Terry are top notch!

- Dudu Tee:  My mother purchased a QX60 at Rickenbaugh INFINITI and it was a really great experience. Eric Wallen was very nice and quite helpful. I was so impressed with him that I will use him later this year to purchase a QX80 we have been wanting for awhile now. Thanks to all of the team at Rickenbaugh! 

- Ron Harsch: I had a very positive experience working with Dan Mull. Dan was very easy to talk to and gave us plenty of space to examine the car we bought without any pressure on the sales side. I would highly recommend working with Dan Mull.

- randy madrid:  We bought our used jeep from Eric Wallen and he was so great to work with and such a nice guy.Never any high pressure while working the deal while representing the dealership in a very professional manner.I would recommend him and this dealership to anyone looking for the next car!!I would definitely buy here again.

- tope2:  Went in to the dealership for a used QX60 but Eric Wallen was able to help us get a great deal on a brand new 2015 QX60 instead. Loving the car and Thanks again to Eric and the team at Rickenbaugh

Rickenbaugh INFINITI YELP Reviews:
- Jonathan W. : I was recently in the market for a new vehicle and I decided to stop by this dealer.  Firstly, the absolute worst thing any salesperson can do is approach you the second you get on the lot.  The second worst thing a salesman could do it pressure you into something you didn't come in to look at.   The folks at Rickenbaugh INFINITI are top notch.  Dan Mull was phenomenal.  He never pressured me and let me take my time test driving any car I wanted.  When it came time to deal, Sales Manager Mike was honest and straightforward without being arrogant.  I appreciated his willingness actually talk to me about my experience.   Unfortunately, I did not purchase a vehicle from them because they couldn't come close to the deal I got from another dealer, but they were easily my next choice given how wonderful my experience was there. Keep up the great work folks!!


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