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2015 INFINITI QX80 Service - Denver, CO Area

2015 INFINITI QX80 Serving Denver, CO Service Center | Rickenbaugh INFINITI

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5900 Gateway CT

Dacono, CO 80514

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INFINITI Maintenance Schedule INFINITI Automotive Service in the Denver, CO Area - 2015 QX80
Information about scheduled maintenance of your 2015 INFINITI QX80 is available in section 8 of your owner's manual. However, that section provides instructions only for those scheduled maintenance tasks that don't necessarily require a great deal of skill to perform. These tasks could, conceivably, be done even by the owner. That said, maintenance of your 2015 INFINITI QX80 is very important because scheduled maintenance will extend the life of your vehicle and will help protect your investment. Any maintenance task you're not comfortable with should be done by a trained professional, such as you will find at our Denver area INFINITI dealership.
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Tire and Wheel Size The 2015 INFINITI QX80 SUV come in two-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive, both of which come standard with 20-inch x 8-inch split six-spoke aluminum-alloy wheels swathed 275/60R20 all-season tires. An optional tire and wheel package in the 2015 INFINITI QX80 brings with it 22-inch x 8-inch 14-spoke forged aluminum-alloy wheels swathed in 275/50R22 all-season tires. Another wheel and tire option in all-wheel-drive versions of the 2015 INFINITI QX80 is 22-inch x 8-inch 14-spoke dark finish forged aluminum-alloy wheels swathed in 275/50R22 all-season tires.
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Oil Type and Capacity
Schedule Serving in the Denver Area for your 2015 INFINITI QX80
INFINITI's recommendations for oil changes and schedule maintenance are spelled out in several locations in your 2015 INFINITI QX70's owner's manual. It's more than just determining which type and capacity of oil to obtain, also detailed in your 2015 QX70's owner's manual. Steps include a regular visual inspection to check for signs of leakage. This should be done at specified intervals listed in the owner's manual. This should be done especially often if towing a trailer, camper or other heavy hauling, particularly if you do this over rough or muddy roads. Engine oil and the oil filter should be replaced at specified intervals listed in the owner's manual.

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INFINITI Chassis and Powertrain
Denver area 2015 INFINITI QX80 service. One of those splendid SUVs produced by the famed automaker that simply commands attention by its very presence. This skillfully refined, top-of-the-line luxury SUV comes with robust, highly responsive power and performance. With its 5.6-liter 400 horsepower V8 engine, your 2015 INFINITI QX80 will confidently tow up to 8,500 pounds. Opt for your 2015 INFINITI QX80 configured in All-Mode All-Wheel Drive to take on even the most challenging road conditions. The 2015 INFINITI QX80's Hydraulic Body Motion Control helps insure the driver maintains full control while enjoying, as always, a smooth and very pleasant ride.
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Model information above is for the 2015 model year. Please contact us if your model year isn't present and we will provide you the information you're looking for directly. Thanks again from all of us at Rickenbaugh INFINITI.