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2015 INFINITI QX70 - Serving Denver, Colorado



Overview of the 2015 INFINITI QX70 available in Dacono serving Denver, from Rickenbaugh INFINITI. 

The 2015 INFINITI QX70 is the luxury alternative to the large crossover that delivers so much more than you would ever expect from this class of vehicle. When you are in the market for a large crossover chances are you are here for the cargo and passenger space, of which the 2015 INFINITI QX70 certainly provides. What you may be expecting to sacrifice is overall styling, a stylish interior, and the kind of performance that you get from a smaller vehicle. Thankfully, the 2015 INFINITI QX70 offers you the room that you want without losing any of the aspects that you would rather not give up.   


2015 INFINITI QX70 Interior While the exterior of the 2015 INFINITI QX70 may be the first thing that catches your eye, you are going to spend a whole lot more time sitting on the inside of your 2015 INFINITI QX70 than you are looking at the outside. With this in mind you'll be happy to know that the 2015 INFINITI QX70 has cut no corners in providing you with one of the most luxurious and accommodating interiors in the class, so even when the traffic starts to get frustrating, you can relax in comfort thanks to the stylish and intuitive interior design of the 2015 INFINITI QX70. 


2015 INFINITI QX70 Exterior

It would be fair to say that most shoppers in the full size crossover class are here because of the passenger and cargo space that the class offers and not because of the looks that the large crossover brings to the table. The 2015 INFINITI QX70 may be the exception to this rule, however, as the exterior styling presents more than just a good way to get the whole family around town, it offers you an elegant and artistic design that evokes luxury and speed at every turn. 

2015 INFINITI QX70 Powertrain

INFINITI has never been known as a make that skimps when it comes to delivering the kind of power that you want in a vehicle. The 2015 INFINITI QX70 is no exception to this rule. Indeed the 2015 INFINITI QX70 is just as much function as it is form. This is thanks to the 3.7 liter V6 that provide the power for all of the trims of the 2015 INFINITI QX70. This V6 offers you a massive 325 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque to give you an exhilarating acceleration and a smooth ride even at high speeds. 

2015 INFINITI QX70 Mechanical

The 2015 INFINITI QX70 offers you the kind of appearance and comfort that is hard to match in this class of vehicle, but this doesn't mean that the appeal stops when the engine starts. No, the 2015 INFINITI QX70 brings to the table the kind of handling that will make you forget you are behind the wheel of a well proportioned machine, and instead bring to mind the kind of drive you would get from a smaller sedan. This is thanks to the smart engineering that has gone into the suspension of the 2015 INFINITI QX70. Sharing its basic platform with the Q50 sedan, the 2015 INFINITI QX70 manages to keep the sedan's handling characteristics even with its larger size. 

2015 INFINITI QX70 Safety

With the 2015 INFINITI QX70 chances are that you plan to have some passengers on board for the ride with you. Whether you are planning to take clients around the town or family outings you need to know that your passengers are safe riding in your 2015 INFINITI QX70. With this in mind the engineers at INFINITI have outfitted the 2015 INFINITI QX70 with the very best in safety features. Beyond the standard antilock brakes and full array of airbags you can also enjoy the safety of optional equipment such as lane departure and lane keeping systems along with a forward collision mitigating system.  

*The above information is regarding the base model 2015 INFINITI QX70
. Standard specs and features may change from year to year. Contact Rickenbaugh INFINITI with any questions regarding the new or used vehicle you're inquiring about.