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2015 INFINITI QX50 - Serving Denver, Colorado



Overview of the 2015 INFINITI QX50 available in Dacono serving Denver, from Rickenbaugh INFINITI. 

The 2015 INFINITI QX50 offers you the kind of engaging ride and styling that you certainly haven't come to expect from the small crossover class. While the small crossover class is certainly jammed full of options, there is simply nothing that can rival the 2015 INFINITI QX50 when it comes to style and demeanor on the road. The small size of the 2015 INFINITI QX50 offers you the kind of responsive handling and light weight that make this vehicle a pleasure to drive while still giving you ample room for your passengers and your cargo.  


2015 INFINITI QX50 Interior The 2015 INFINITI QX50 may be know for it's engaging drive and fun spirit on the road, but this doesn't mean that the designers at INFINITI have forgotten that you are likely to be spending a whole lot of time in your 2015 INFINITI QX50 not engaged in an exhilarating drive. When your time on the road involves a little less heart pounding, and a little more traffic you'll be glad to know that the classy interior of the 2015 INFINITI QX50 is an extremely comfortable and inviting place to be. With engaging electronics and an intuitive interface the 2015 INFINITI QX50 interior is a top choice. .


2015 INFINITI QX50 Exterior

The exterior styling of the 2015 INFINITI QX50 offers you something that you just can't find in most of the vehicles in the crossover class, pure and simple style. The 2015 INFINITI QX50 is less reminiscent of the standard crossover seen all over the American roads and more similar to the hot hatchbacks of Europe, while still offering you the space that you need for your passengers and your cargo. The dramatically sloping roof line gives you the feeling of speed, even when you aren't moving, while the longer front end evokes the classic luxury styling that INFINITI is known for. 

2015 INFINITI QX50 Powertrain

Powering every model of the 2015 INFINITI QX50 is a 3.7 liter V6. This V6 offers you everything you could want in a powertrain, from the obvious power, to the unexpected fuel economy. In the power category the 2015 INFINITI QX50 gets top marks for the 325 horsepower and 267 lb-ft of torque. When it comes to economy you will get a lot more than expected from a big V6 with 20 combined estimated mpg. You can't go wrong with the 2015 INFINITI QX50 and it's powerful and economical V6.

2015 INFINITI QX50 Mechanical

The 2015 INFINITI QX50 is perhaps best known as the crossover that handles more like a sports vehicle than an SUV. While handling has long been one of the driving forces of the transition from SUV to crossover, many of the competitors have been happy to settle for mediocre handling that is just a minor improvement from what the old SUV had to offer. The 2015 INFINITI QX50 gives you so much more than a stable ride. The 2015 INFINITI QX50 offers the kind of cornering and steering response that you would expect to find in a sports coupe, you've never driven a crossover like it. 

2015 INFINITI QX50 Safety

Most people find themselves in the crossover market because they have some people to haul about with them. Whether this be your family, your friends, or your coworkers and clients you want to know that your most precious of cargo will be safe if the unfortunate should occur on the road. Of course you get the standard features such as the antilock brakes and traction control, but the 2015 INFINITI QX50 doesn't stop there. You will also get the less common features such as active  head restraints and a rear view camera. 

*The above information is regarding the base model 2015 INFINITI QX50
.  Standard specs and features may change from year to year. Contact  Rickenbaugh INFINITI with any questions regarding the new or used vehicle you're inquiring about.